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Whether you're a seasoned collector wanting to enhance your catalog, or simply a first-time buyer looking for a quality piece to showcase in your home - Abrams Art Gallery has thousands of premium, one of a kind pieces to choose from that are personally hand selected, of artists all over the world.
Founder / Curator

Rich Melton


Our catalog ranges from original drawings & sketches, watercolors, and pastels - to a huge inventory of oil on canvas.  We buy and sell traditional artists with stylings similar to that of Picasso, Modigliani, Matisse, Jackson Pollock.


Featuring fine art, Abstract, Impressionist, even outsider art is not off limits to our tastes. 


The owners passion is only buying quality artwork that can be re-sold at the best possible price. Abrams Art has a small location but most sales are done online or by appointment. For your convenience we are open by appointment as well.


Contact us at (352) 610-2352

Another service we provide is "the fine dining experience” if you are a restaurant owner and want to keep your walls changed up on a 3-6 month program we will change out the entire theme, style, venue and give your location the marketing makeover needed to be fresh, hip or just represent the current trends in the market. Artwork is sold to your patrons or simply used as decoration through this creative marketing experience!    

"Providing you with the best service is our goal day in day out."  

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