Sculpture MCM Alberto Juliano Free Form Abstract Expressionist New York Artist.


lberto Juliano 1925-2008


free form abstract expressionist New York Artist

Up for your bidding pleasure is one of less than 25 wood carvings known to exist. From my personal collection purchased directly from the artists Estate. 

This is certainly a unique opportunity to own a one of a kind wood carving by Alberto Juliano.

Alberto, was a native of Brooklyn, New York - whose fine Italian heritage bespeaks 

the courage and vitality of his work. A perfectionist by nature, he explored with

infinite patience the possibilities of painting with a printer's roller and ink. His

technique which he has used to portray people and places he has seen and known.

Alberto or Albert as his friends called him had a style all his own having been influenced by Famous artists like Amedeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse. 


Toward the end of his career with arthritis setting in his hands Jackson Pollock became another influence. My resource reviled that they had met at some point and he referred to him as a sell out to the man? Albert was a somewhat secluded man in his later years moving from New York to Central Florida.

His death was a great lose to the art world he was a creative genius. I was fortunate to have been able to purchase the entire collection. It is time for me to share some of  his wooden sculptures with other art lovers. My hope is they will be treasured and loved by you and your home or office.

Sculpture MCM by Alberto Juliano